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MEet Josh Vanderheide, Craft Brewery Founder 

Q: Why did you create Field House Brewing?

We wanted to add something to the community that wasn’t here before. Vancouver is not the only place with engaging, quality experiences. With lots of young families, we needed an authentic gathering place that welcomed everyone. Abbotsford is slowly changing as we see more unique experiences emerging. 

Q: Why did you choose Abbotsford?

I grew up in Abbotsford and then decided to move back from the city so I had more space for my family. I knew that if I was going to establish roots here, I would invest my time and create something that was born out of this community. Field House is just one voice in what we call a ‘new conversation’ around what Abbotsford has the potential to be. There are other great businesses who share our voice and we enjoy connecting the dots.

Q: How are people responding to Field House?

We had hoped that people would take notice of us. There have been days, like a random rainy Wednesday afternoon, where the parking lot is full and cars are lined up down the street. We’re thinking, “What’s going on here?” It was clear that Abbotsford needed another meeting place. We are founded on creativity and authenticity.

Q: What inspires you about living here?

If you go to big cities, like Victoria, you see history and heritage in old churches and cathedrals, and brick buildings, that are hundreds of years old. Abbotsford doesn’t have these things, but we have old barns, that have stood the test of time, and wide open spaces. This is our history—a community built on the backs of agricultural and field workers. When we built Field House, we brought a little bit of that here.

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