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Meet Tanya Curtis, Protocol Director for the BC Summer Games

Q: What excites you about being involved with the BC Summer Games?

Two things excite me:
(1)   Bringing the people of the community together to provide a competitive experience for athletes from around the province.
(2)   Independent businesses and large scale operations getting involved and supporting the Games.
The Games are a competitive, multi-sport environment that keep youth engaged as they journey towards national and international competitions.  Whether you are an athlete or a volunteer, it’s exciting to bring talent together.  We will all be inspired in some way.

Q: What impact do you see the BC Summer Games bringing to Abbotsford?

It’s an awesome opportunity to showcase our City.  Aside from the $2.5 Million economic injection and the infrastructure and improvements that the community can get revved up about, volunteers and businesses are working hard to make this event a real success.

I am also looking forward to watching my daughter and others compete. It’s been fun to be a part of the volunteer committee organizing the Games but equally as exciting to experience an athlete’s journey.  Everyone will have a story to tell.

Q: What are you drawn to event planning?

I am an event junkie. My dad is a mechanical engineer so in a strange way I am following in his footsteps. Events are mechanical processes, they have moving parts and pieces need to come together to form a well-oiled machine. If I’m planning an event I like to layer in as many details as I can to ‘surprise and delight’ the audience.  With that said I can’t wait to see the Opening Ceremonies!

Q: It seems like a person with your marketing background would find more opportunity in the city. Why are you living in Abbotsford?

It’s true.  The city is where many opportunities lie for the type of work that I do, but, at the risk of using a cliché, I like the ‘city in the country’ atmosphere. In Abbotsford, we have beautiful landscape, an international airport, recreation facilities, shopping, dining and entertainment options, access to the US, -- lots of amenities.

I am seeing really talented people come back to Abbotsford to start businesses. Downtown Abbotsford is coming to life with entrepreneurs looking to do things differently. But we also have the likes of Highstreet and Cabela’s that complement the independents and, round out the mix. That’s what a city needs—a little bit of everything. To have everyone playing in the same sandbox is refreshing. While out-of-towners might come to the BC Summer Games with a dated perception, Abbotsford has changed and we are ready to show them a new face.